The Rebus Workshop

Workshops are generally very special places, alive with creativity. Based in central London, the Rebus workshop is no different. We have ten fully trained craftsmen, two apprentices and support staff that come to work each day to engrave, carve, draw, teach and produce brilliant work.

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The Tools

To the unfamiliar eye, it appears crammed with all sorts of strange looking objects. Hundreds of little chisels, arcane heraldic imagery, jars'of liquids and powders, candles and gas torches burning and Victorian reference books.

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Our Craftsmen

And of course, all the craftsmen and women sitting at their benches, working on the silverware and jewellery we produce or has been sent to us by other jewellers and silversmiths. You are always welcome to drop by our workshop and discover the personalities and passion hidden within.

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Hatton Garden

You will find us at 67-69 Leather Lane, in the renowned jewellery quarter of Hatton Garden in the City of London. Here you can see and try on the full range of Rebus signet rings and cufflinks, and talk directly to the people who made them.

call us on: +44 (0) 20 7405 5188

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