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Round Signet Ring


Please Note: Engrave text sits inside shank


A design classic, today and always

A Timeless Shape

A simple, classic shape the Rebus Round Signet Ring is designed to be worn effortlessly every day and will last a lifetime. The face, shoulders or inside the shank can be hand engraved with your unique design creating an item of jewellery that will very personal and treasured by you and by future generations. Rebus Signet Rings represent the finest of British signet ring maker's craft. Your completed ring will be beautifully presented in a gift box with the wax impression of the seal engraving and a stick of sealing wax, so you can create your own wax seals at home.

Rebus craftsmanship

Time-honoured Techniques and a World-class Workshop

Rebus is well known for the calibre of its craftsmanship. Our workshop, located under our store, is open for you to visit five days per week, where we’ll introduce you to our team of award-winning craftsmen and women. Over the years we have won 28 awards at the prestigious Goldsmiths Craft Council competition awards.

Workshops are generally very special places, alive with creativity. Based in central London, the Rebus workshop is no different. We have ten fully trained craftsmen, apprentices and support staff that come to work each day to engrave, carve, draw, teach and produce brilliant work.


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