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Revelations Ring


Please Note: Engrave text sits inside shank


Rebus x Fergadelic collection’

The 'Revelations' Ring

'This statement ring, with its eye catching 20mm face, is handcrafted in sterling silver, featuring a contrasting bronze 'coin' insert and has an oxidised finish for a vintage look.

The design juxtaposes collegiate and sovereign rings, the silver face being cut away to reveal an ancient coin beneath.

Each ring, in this limited edition of 50 pieces, is made to fit your finger size and is individually numbered, hallmarked and branded.

Sizes available: K - U

Custom special editions to follow, please contact us for details.


Handcrafted from Sterling Silver

Introducing Sterling Silver

Rebus silver signet rings are made from hallmarked Sterling Silver (925 parts of silver per thousand) and are a good option if gold or platinum is out of your budget. Unless you wear your signet ring every day, as it is designed to be worn, Sterling Silver can tarnish but is easily cleaned. Silver is the softest precious metal and will wear more quickly than gold and platinum. However, they do look excellent when seal engraved with your crest, initials or emblem.

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