Precious Metals

Gold expresses love, permanence, individuality and style more eloquently than words could ever do. Gold has been one of mankind's most revered substances since the beginning of time. 

Yellow Gold

The natural colour of gold is by far the most popular shade used in jewellery making. Yellow gold is usually alloyed with copper and silver to strengthen it and give the jewellery longevity. The shade of the gold depends on its gold content and 18 carat gold generally has a richer yellow colour than 9 carat.

White Gold

White gold is simply yellow gold mixed with different alloys to give its colour. Usually created by adding palladium, silver and copper, the colour is not white like platinum but more of a light grey steel colour. These days, jewellers often plate white gold with rhodium (a member of the platinum family) to enhance its colour. We can do this for you, but we'll ask you first, as rhodium plating wears off and needs re-plating.

Rose Gold

Also known as red gold and pink gold, this shade became popular in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century and is often referred to as Russian gold. Made by adding copper to yellow gold, we usually use a pink, blush-like tint for our rose gold signet rings. The higher the copper content, the stronger the red in the colour and the shade can vary from carat to carat. 9 carat is usually much pinker than the 18 carat gold.

9 carat Gold

Of the three carats of gold we offer, 9ct (375 parts of gold per thousand) has the lowest gold content. As a result, it is the toughest of the three, the higher the gold content, the softer the metal. The shade of the gold depends on its gold content and 9 carat gold is the palest of the three carat golds we offer.

14 carat Gold

14ct gold (585 parts of gold per thousand) is a popular choice of gold for a signet ring, as over half of it is pure gold and it is still very durable. The heavy weight Rebus signet rings in 9ct, 14ct or 18ct gold will last a lifetime. 14ct gold is a happy medium between the 3 carats we offer, colour and durability wise.

18 carat Gold

Using 18ct gold (750 parts of gold per thousand) creates beautiful looking signet rings. This is the highest carat of gold we use making it the most valuable and desirable gold we offer. Due to the high gold content within 18ct gold, this also makes it the softest of the three carats. A luxurious choice for high end gold jewellery, 18ct is the golden choice.


Platinum is the heaviest of all precious metals, which gives it a very luxurious feel. Its high density gives platinum its strength and enduring bright white colour, which over time takes on a satin patina. Platinum will never tarnish and maintains its natural colour throughout its life. At 95% purity, platinum is hypoallergenic and is an excellent choice for a lifetime piece of jewellery.