How To Order

We have a broad range of shapes, sizes, precious metals, and semi-precious stones to choose from. This may feel a little daunting trying to make the correct decision. We try to make it as easy and fun as possible, so if you are unsure and cannot visit our store, we can post out to you a welcome pack that will include a finger sizing gauge that you can use at home. We also have the facility to 3D printed resin replica rings, so you can get a feel for the face sizes and dimensions before you commit to a precious metal version. The cost of the sample is fully refundable within one year from the date of purchase if you decide to purchase a gold or platinum signet ring.  

Next decision is which precious metal you would like, we offer: Platinum, 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold in yellow, white or rose gold. You will discover more information on precious metals in our Metals buying guide.

Have you made the decision to buy a signet ring but are unsure of the size?... can't make it to our workshop? This is a lifetime purchase, and with this in mind we offer our signet rings as samples in 3D printed resin. The replica resin signet ring will convey the size and fit of the signets you are deciding on. The small price we charge for supplying you with a replica signet ring is deducted from the purchase price of the jewellery once you have made your decision. No need to return your resin replica, this is a hassle-free service. 

Looking for a different shape or style? Please enquir about our bespoke service. It might take a little longer than usual to create, but we are happy to work to your specification. 

Next, choose from our database of crest and monograms or supply the design you’d like us to engrave on your signet ring. Of course, you don’t have to choose a traditional heraldic crest - many of our customers create their own designs and symbols, we can help with this. For inspiration, please view our social media pages.

Our engravers can work from a design sourced either from the Rebus crest/monogram database, a found or created image that you provide, or through using our custom design service. If you already have a design prepared and would like to send us a copy, we can provide a quotation of the engraving cost to you. The artwork doesn’t have to be perfect - we can work from old drawings, photos, letter headed paper, wax impressions from previous engraved rings or even just a description. You can book a no obligation design consultation either in person at our London Workshop or remotly via Zoom, using the following link.

Seal engraving is the craft of carving by hand your design into the precious metal or stone to effectively create miniature sculptures. Having completed the seal engraving you are left with a beautiful item of jewellery that can be used as a tool to create as many 3D wax impressions as you wish. Traditionally it was this wax impression, aka ‘the seal’ that would be applied to documents as a means of authentication. 

As with seal engraving, surface engraving is undertaken by hand using handheld gravers that are pushed through the metal. This method we use on our precious metal pendants and cufflinks. It is the same technique used by traditional bank note engravers, but unlike seal engraving, we do not carve deeply into the metal. The design is engraved by cutting hundreds of lines of varying widths and depths until the design is brought to life. 

If you are unsure of the ring size for the intended finger, please request a complimentary Rebus finger size gauge which comes with our Welcome Pack. For stone set signet rings, once they are made, we recommend a second fitting before the gemstone is set. For international customers we can do this via our replica resin sample rings service. Please note that once the stone is set we cannot resize the signet ring. For international finger size conversions please use our finger size guide. 

Rebus has many overseas customers and the entire process can be facilitated fully remotely. We can arrange a Zoom call with you and send you a Rebus replica signet ring, so you have 100% confidence in what you are buying from us before you place your order. We will email you updates and a final video or photo of your piece before we ship it. We offer free worldwide delivery and all international orders are carried by DHL Express. All deliveries will require a signature, for more information please see our Delivery page.

You can place your order online or via any of the following methods: 

Visit our Workshop: 67-69 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7TJ.

To ensure we can give you our undivided attention, client consultations are being arranged by appointment.


Zoom: book your appointment

Phone: +44(0) 207 405 5188 

Contact us by using the following form. 


Due to the complexity of hand-engraved artwork, your purchase could take one week for pendants or cufflinks, or up to 12 weeks for seal-engraved, stone set jewellery. 

Therefore accurate lead-times need to be quoted on an item-by-item basis. We are happy to try to accommodate any special deadlines or accurate delivery dates, for more information contact us here.