Era Diamond Signet Ring


Please Note: Engrave text sits inside shank


Inspired by a visit to the British Museum

The Era diamond signet ring

A Rebus favourite, this lovely and delicate signet ring was inspired by the antique Romanesque signet rings in the British Museum. This elegant two banded signet ring is set with five diamonds on each shoulder to add sparkle, and can be made to order in platinum, 9ct, 14ct and 18ct yellow, rose and white gold.

If you would like alternative stones set into the shoulders, such rubies or sapphires, please let us know.


A personal symbol

Symbolism and heritage

For thousands of years, symbols on signet rings have been to express and communicate the things that mean the most to the wearer.

As personal statements, signet rings bearing family crests and heraldry offer a sense of heritage and fascination for generations to come. Symbolic, significant and offering a glimpse into history, creating a signet ring offers the opportunity to immortalise one’s family, whether with a new design or an older one

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