As we hop into the Year of the Rabbit, we look back at a recent Rebus commission: a personalised signet ring in honour of the Lunar New Year. The ring showcases the Rabbit, a symbolism of good luck, wealth, and longevity in Chinese culture, with the design a reflection of our commitment to craftsmanship.

Following on from the introductory consultation with our client, it was agreed that we use an ancient motif found in Southwest England; an homage to the Rabbit, or the 'Tinners' Rabbits' as the symbol is known in Devon, an area that is close to our clients heart. The design is believed to have originated in China dating back to 580 AD and found its way through Europe to England via the spice route. Rebus artists created sketches of the three rabbits positioned on the signet ring, and our skilled team of jewellers and hand engravers began work, bringing the design to life.

In Chinese astrology, the Rabbit is known for its ability to outsmart enemies with wit and cunning, and closely associated with creativity and the ability to find new solutions to problems. In folklore, the Rabbit is often depicted as a companion of the Moon goddess Chang’e. Both are considered to be symbolic of renewal and immortality in ancient Chinese culture.

The Year of the Rabbit is a time of serenity, where we can focus on our relationships, strengthen bonds with loved ones, and take a step back to reflect and plan for the future. The Rabbit's peaceful nature and strategic thinking makes it a powerful ally, and the year is an opportunity to harness its qualities and work towards our goals in a harmonious way. With the Rabbit as our guide, we can make peaceful and wise decisions, and find new and innovative ways to move forward.

Find yourself inspired by this ring and the symbolism behind it? Come with us as our attention shifts to the other animals of the Chinese Zodiac and the meaning they will hold in the years to come.

Year of the Dragon 2024

In the ancient Zodiac, the Dragon reigns supreme. A creature of myth and legend, it is said to bring good fortune and luck to those born under its sign. The Dragon is a symbol of power, nobility, and honour, a being of unrivalled excellence and talent. When the Year of the Dragon arrives, it is an auspicious time to embrace risk, to dream big, and set ambitious goals. For the Dragon is not only a creature of the past but a force that guides us towards a brighter future.

Year of the Snake 2025

Long maligned as an embodiment of evil, the snake is in truth a creature of wonder, and a symbol the unknown. The "Little Dragon" brings with it the promise of prosperity, good fortune, and vitality. For those who follow the teachings of Taoism, the snake serves as a powerful metaphor. The serpentine force that lies within us, coiled and dormant, waits to be awakened through spiritual practice. The snake is a creature of mystery, its true meaning deep and profound, a guide on the path to insight and divination. The Year of the Snake is therefore considered to be an ideal time for introspection, self-discovery, and unlocking one's inner potential.

Year of the Horse 2026

The Horse, a creature of grace and strength, is revered in many cultures as a symbol of freedom and nobility. With its wild spirit and untamed energy, the Horse brings with it a sense of adventure and a drive to break free from the mundane. In Chinese astrology, the Horse is seen as a symbol of success and hard work, one that gallops towards its goals with determination and passion. The Year of the Horse is considered to be a time of great opportunity, a chance to harness the horse's energy and make great strides towards achieving one's aspirations.

Those looking to create their own piece for Lunar New Year can find out more by contacting or book an appointment at our Hatton Garden workshop or via Zoom to find out more.

If time is of the essence, our surface-engraved pendants provide a quicker gifting option. Surface-engraving is only available on solid metal, not agate stones, but the possibilities are endless. Our beautiful collection of pendants provide the ideal blank canvas upon which to create a bespoke Year of the Rabbit design. Each pendant is fully customisable, from face size to chain length to setting stones. Find out more about our Pendants here or contact us to begin your Rebus journey.