At Rebus, we have created a beautiful collection of pendants that provide an exquisite blank canvas upon which to create something strikingly unique. Each pendant is fully customisable, from face size, chain length, and setting stones, to personalised engraving.

Whether you opt for Black Onyx or the deep blue of Lapis Lazuli, choose a heraldic design or create constellations with a shimmer of diamonds, there are endless possibilities when creating your own Rebus pendant.

Stone-set pendants

Our collection of semi-precious agate stone pendants, framed in a gold mount, provide the perfect backdrop for your own personalised design. Each stone - from Bloodstone to Cornelian - has been curated by Rebus for its historical significance and beauty, as well as durability for intaglio carvings made by our team of skilled hand engravers.

For those seeking the ultimate in bespoke, we’ll do everything to source the stone of your choice beyond our core range.

Diamond-set pendants

From initials to personalised motifs, your design can be elevated to an heirloom of lasting beauty with our made-to-order pendants set with sparkling, pavé diamonds.

Ethical standards are at the core of our craftsmanship at Rebus, so we ensure that every diamond we work with is carefully selected in line with the ethical guidance of the National Association of Jewellers, who work within the World Diamond Council Code of Conduct.

Shield pendants

As well as a choice of precious metals, our pendants range from classic Oval and Round designs to our hinged Shield Pendant. While this style lends itself to a number of designs, from motifs and symbols to fingerprints, it is inspired by the history of heraldry. When designed with initials, family crests, or a full coat of arms, it can make a beautiful alternative to a traditional Rebus signet ring.

Our pendants go beyond the everyday; they offer an opportunity to express one’s identity, character, and style, by creating something intimate and unique. We love to consult on ways to make your piece truly bespoke, and can do so with additional stones and engravings - from a single gem or secret message on the reverse, to multiple diamonds as constellations in the sky. The story is yours to tell, and we’re here to bring your vision to life.

To begin your own pendant journey with Rebus, please email or book an appointment at our London workshop or via Zoom.