Seeking a bespoke alternative to a traditional wedding band, one groom’s search for the perfect signet ring lead him across the world from Australia to Rebus’ door.

“I was never really into the idea of wearing a wedding ring as I thought traditional versions were too plain. I had been keen to buy something personalised, but wanted to make sure it had meaning behind it. A signet wedding ring seemed like the perfect match!”

Following years of wearing a mass-produced, set-style signet ring, Sam wanted to design something truly unique with custom shape, size, and engraving for his signet wedding ring. After an extensive search, Rebus emerged as the obvious choice.

“Despite living on the other side of the world, I couldn't find anyone else with the range of shapes, sizes, or quality, that I liked as much as Rebus. Knowing I would get it engraved, I especially liked that it was custom engraving and not just an 'off-the-shelf' design.”

Symbolising commitment, love, and partnership, the ring was crafted in platinum to match his wife’s engagement and wedding rings, and the design featured the couple’s initials - ES for Elizabeth and Sam - in cursive script.

“I like an older-style look and that it’s not immediately obvious what the letters are until you look closer. The design went through a couple of iterations and I’m very happy with the end product.”

Photography by Ryan Wheatley of R Weddings