A moving love story plays out among the wetlands of Tennessee, with a one-of-a-kind wedding ring to tell Kara & E’s beautifully unique tale.


As a teenager, the high school biology class was E's safe space: a teacher who cared, tasks that had clear-cut plans, and front-row tickets to the annual Great Blue Heron migration that flew across the wetlands behind the lab.  These regal and elegant creatures - intimidating and powerful - became a talisman to E.  Later after moving to Nashville, and spending time at Percy Priest Lake, they found that same comfort as herons would nest and fly over the reservoir.

"Every time I see one take off I’m exhilarated."


As fateful happenstance would have it, these majestic creatures were also their future wife Kara's favourite bird.  Spotting them all over Tennessee as their courtship blossomed, herons have become an enduring backdrop to their love story.  The symbolism of these birds - of peace and new starts - spoke volumes to a queer couple embracing their whole selves and building a life together full of growth and acceptance.



So when Kara approached Rebus to design the perfect wedding ring for E, this poetic symbolism was at the forefront of her mind.  The end result?  A custom bloodstone and gold signet ring, engraved with a heron, the initial of their shared last name, and gifted to them over a cup of Blue Heron Blend coffee.

"I’ve cried a couple times already at how beautiful it is, and how awesome it is to love and be loved by an absolute empress."