Each Rebus piece tells a unique story, and we consider ourselves privileged to share some of those deeply personal stories with you all. This particular signet ring stands out, as a testament to the power of family and the enduring love we hold for those we have lost.

After losing his beloved signet ring - a beautiful cornelian stone piece, gifted to him by a British diplomat working in Egypt - Harry struggled to find a ring to match the sentimental value of the original. It wasn’t until his father was sadly diagnosed with cancer that the idea of designing a signet ring to honour his father came to him.

When he first spoke with Rebus, Harry had no idea how important the ring would become to him. The process of designing it helped him cope in the early days of his father's diagnosis, and his eventual passing.

"The ring was never meant to be made as quickly as it was. Sadly, my father died two months after his prognosis, although he saw a design template made by Rebus the day before he died and approved of it," Harry explains.

Having suffered a number of losses in the family, Harry chose to have four stars engraved onto the face of the ring to represent those who had passed. These stars overlook a stag - a symbol of family, and representative of Harry’s life in the countryside - as well as first letter of his surname engraved in script. Inside, are the four dates of his loved ones’ passing, along with the motto Virtus In Arduis, or ‘virtue in the midst of difficulties’.

“Those four stars overlooking the stag represent four people, who every night, I look up into the night sky at the stars, talk to, and wish were still here,” Harry explains.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Harry was grateful for the kindness and compassion shown by the entire Rebus team throughout the process of creating the ring.

"I cannot thank Rebus enough. Working on it, especially in those early days, kept my father alive. It distracted me. It kept him close," he says.

The finished ring is a testament to Harry's love for his family. Stories like these remind us of the importance of family, and the enduring love that binds us together, even after we're gone.

"I wear my signet ring every day. I never take it off. It's like they are still with me in everything I do, from the time I wake, to the time I go to sleep. I am never without them," he says.

If you have been moved by Harry’s tribute, get in touch at info@rebussignetrings.co.uk or book an appointment at our Hatton Garden workshop or via Zoom to find out more.