From learning to chisel before he could read in his father’s goldsmith workshop back in Hungary, to getting dirty on the job, we get up close and personal with our seal and relief engraver, Balazs.

How would you describe what you do? (Hogyan jellemezned/irnad le amit csinalsz?)

At Rebus, I carry out seal or relief engraving based on the customer orders that come in.

What have you had to learn and how long did it take you to train? (Mit Kellett megtanulnod es mennyi ideig tartott begyakoroloni?)

My education has been quite unique. I grew up in Hungary where my Dad was a self-taught goldsmith and silversmith, so I spent every waking minute from the age of 3 in his workshop…I learned to chisel sooner than I learned to read! I later went onto art college but left to become a full-time engraver apprentice with my Dad.

Apprenticeship is different in England compared to Hungary. Here, it’s longer and more practical and the theoretical education is broader; you train as both gold and silversmith, as well as learning about metal industry production, material knowledge, art history, and so on.

What is it about the job that most appeals to you? (Mi a legvonzobb a munkaban/ mi az ami leginkabb vonz a munkaban?)

I miss my Dad’s workshop from time to time, as it was a classical goldsmith’s shop with just the two of us working on everything from engraving jewellery to restoring 3.5m tall brass statues. It’s no surprise then that I love the challenging, more complicated designs and artworks at Rebus.

What is the most frustrating part of the job? (Mi a legfrusztralobb resze a munkanak)?

Nothing really, but perhaps when a customer comes to us with a very ambitious design which is hard to realise.

What would people be most surprised to know about your job? (Min lepodnenek meg az emberek legjobban a munkaddal kapcsolatban?)

They wouldn’t think how dirty it is!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? (Mi volt a legjobb tanacs amit valaha kaptal?)

From my Dad:

“Learn every technique you can, and take on all engraving or restoring jobs, no matter how small or difficult, because that’s where you’ll learn the most.”

Following his advice has made me better skilled, so thank you to him!