March ushers in the beginning of spring; it is a time of transformation and rebirth. For those born under the Zodiac signs of Pisces (February 19 to March 20) and Aries (March 21 to April 19), it holds a special significance. It is a month filled with a wealth of symbolism - from the shimmering beauty of aquamarine, to the bright cheer of the daffodil.

Birthstone: Aquamarine

From the Latin “aqua” (water), and “marina” (of the sea), the aquamarine is so-called because its unique blue-green hue evokes the colours of the ocean. A symbol of hope and courage, the Ancient Greeks believed these gemstones had once belonged to Sirens whose treasure had washed ashore, while sailors regarded them as talismans to calm stormy seas and guard safe passage.

Famous wearers have included Queen Elizabeth II - herself an Aries - who was gifted an aquamarine brooch as a wedding present from her parents.

Birth Flower: Daffodil

A symbol of renewal and joy, the daffodil heralds in the arrival of spring. The bright, yellow colour recalls sunshine and warmth, and is a cheerful reminder that the harsh winter months are coming to an end.

Looking back to Greek mythology, the daffodil is said to have flowered from the blood of Narcissus, a young man so in love with his own reflection that he wasted away. More optimistically, the daffodil is considered a powerful symbol of hope, courage, good luck, and fortune, particularly in Wales, where it is associated with the patron saint St. David. It is said to bloom every year on the first of March, his feast day.

Birth Trees: Alder / Oak / Willow / Lime Tree

The alder tree, with its sturdy trunk, deep roots, and healing properties, has long symbolised protection, courage, and stability. In Norse mythology, the alder tree played an important role in the creation of the first woman, Embla, and became closely associated with the god Odin; it was said to protect against evil spirits, and was often used to make Viking shields and boats.

The oak tree is an enduring symbol of wisdom and endurance. Revered by many cultures as a tree of the gods, it has ties to the Celtic thunder god, Taranis, the Norse god Thor, and the Ancient Greek god Zeus. Known for its longevity, the oak offers protection and shelter to those who seek refuge under its branches, and its acorns symbolise fertility.

The willow tree is closely linked with intuition and introspection. For many cultures, from Chinese mythology to Celtic lore, it is associated with immortality, as it is believed that a tree can regrow from just a single, fallen branch. Said to possess magical powers, it is seen as the living embodiment of healing and protection, and is more often regarded as a feminine symbol of empathy and nurturing.

The lime or linden tree represents love and friendship. The Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite was said to have been born under its branches, and created a dress from its leaves that rendered her irresistible. The lime tree was therefore believed to have the power to bring lovers together. Couples used it to decorate homes and altars, love potions and spells were created with its fragrant flowers, and the poet Ovid wrote of young women who wore flower crowns to honour fertility goddesses.

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