A picture tells a thousand words, and through these artistic depictions, we tell the incredible stories that inspire these extra special engravings.

John’s Story

“Having recently moved back to the UK after years in America where I used to live in New York State, happy times; I wanted to mark that period of my life, so having been recommended Rebus I decided to buy a signet ring.

My girlfriend and I like to hike and the Catskills Mountains were quite close to us. One of mountains in the Catskills is called Balsam Mountain, which is very similar to my surname name and of course that is one of the peaks we decided to climb. It was at the top when the trees finally cleared to reveal an amazing view and I saw eagles which just were so beautiful. I guess it was apt as the neighbouring mountain is called Eagle Mountain, anyway it felt a rare privilege to see them.

I wanted the design to look natural, the rabbit element is a little gruesome but that can be nature’s way and your help with the drawing the whole image looks natural and not like it has come from a military banner which some of those stylised eagle images look like. The detail in the engraving you achieved is amazing, thank you.”

Our artists produce hand-drawn designs which can not only be deep seal and surface engraved on pieces of Rebus jewellery, but can also be additionally painted in watercolour to frame as a gift or keepsake.

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