When choosing your signet ring, it’s important to take your time in your selection as it is something you will wear for life and pass down to the next generation. The ‘rules’ of which finger to wear to signet ring on is a much-discussed topic with our customers; opinions differ because the signet ring is an item of jewellery which is so steeped in tradition, yet it’s identity and purpose is ever evolving as fashions change, evident not only over recent years but across the centuries.

Signet rings have a flat bezel (the surface which bares your engraving) and the design is usually engraved in intaglio (meaning it will leave a raised impression of the design if the ring is pressed into sealing wax). As designs vary in size and shape, from ancient heraldic family crests to unique bespoke designs, the most important thing to consider is choosing a face shape that will best display the engraving.


How to choose the shape of your ring

The most popular and traditional signet shape is the Oxford Oval, however a Coat of Arms for example, may better suit a rectangular Cushion shaped signet ring and a crest displaying an animal on all fours may be engraved to the best advantage on a Landscape Oval:


Oxford Oval – the most traditional shape and best suited to portrait orientated designs

Cushion – a soft rectangular-shape signet, a favourite from the Victorian era

Landscape Oval – the perfect shape for landscape orientated designs

Round – a softer, modern take on the Oxford Oval

Marquise – an elegant and unusual diamond shape

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