Which Precious Metal Should I Choose?

Preference for a certain carat of gold is often based on cultural factors. In the UK, 9ct and 18ct are the most commonly sold, while in the US, 14ct is more popular. 24ct represents pure gold and tends to be used for exchange and investment, as it is too soft to use in jewellery.

Rebus hand craft our signet rings solid yellow, rose or white gold (9ct, 14ct and 18ct), platinum.

Yellow gold is a traditional choice and its appeal as a precious metal dates back to 600 BC, when it was first used in coin form. Pure gold is too soft to make into a ring, so it is always mixed with other alloys (metals).


9ct, 14ct and 18ct Yellow Gold.


Rose gold, also known as ‘pink’ or ‘red’ gold, is becoming more and more popular. The pretty rosy hue is formed by a copper alloy.


9ct and 18ct Rose Gold.


White gold is a mixture of yellow gold, silver and palladium, rose gold is created by adding copper to yellow gold and platinum, the rarest precious metal on the planet, is naturally steely-grey in colour with yellow undertones and also the strongest and heaviest metal we use.  Rebus do not use rhodium plating as a rule, but please contact the team if you would like this adding.


9ct, 14ct and 18ct White Gold.


Platinum is the heaviest of all precious metals – almost twice as heavy as 14 carat gold – but its real appeal lies in its enduring bright white colour. Platinum will never tarnish and it maintains its natural colour throughout its life, making it the perfect choice for an exclusive heirloom piece of jewellery. At 95% purity, platinum is also hypoallergenic.




The carat represents how many parts gold out of a thousand:

9ct = 375 parts gold out of 1000

14ct = 585 parts gold out of 1000

18ct = 750 parts gold out of a 1000

It is entirely up to you which you choose; the lower the carat, the paler the gold will be. We would recommend 9ct gold if you are very active and your hands take a lot of wear and tear.

Most of the signet rings we sell are 18ct gold, as a lot of people prefer the richness of colour, which will develop a beautiful patina with age.

14ct has also become a popular choice, as it is a happy medium durability wise and in richness of colour, as over half of it is pure gold (585 parts per thousand).


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