Unsure where to begin with designing a signet ring for a loved one? If you’re facing indecision, creative block, or simply suffering from a little gift-giving anxiety, Rebus is on hand with our guide to gifting a signet ring. After all, you might know their initials and birth stone, but it’s easy to be in the dark about ring size.

Option One: Gift Box

Our standalone gift boxes are the perfect choice for those who want to gift the full Rebus experience. This choice presents your loved one with all the tools so they can be involved in every aspect of their signet ring creation. Each Rebus gift box contains a bronze replica ring and gift card, plus the Rebus Welcome Pack, which includes a personalised invitation to the Hatton Garden workshop (or remote Zoom consultation), a Rebus brochure and a finger-sizing gauge. A gift box is a blank slate of endless possibility upon which your loved one can select their perfect ring - choosing from precious metals, stones, face sizes - and create a personalised engraving of their choosing at a later date.

Option Two: Gift Box + Artwork

As the Rebus ethos goes, “Non verbis, sed Rebus”: to rely on pictures, rather than words to express ideas. For those who have a concept in mind or a strong sense of a design for a gifted signet ring, our highly-skilled team can work with you through private consultation to create an artwork to gift alongside your box. This illustration - included as either hard copy or digital - allows your giftee to be involved in choosing the ring themselves, whilst still getting a sense of the bespoke engraving you have lovingly designed for them.

Option Three: Plain Ring + Artwork

The ultimate gift choice for those who have a real vision for their Rebus signet ring, your loved one will receive a beautiful, plain ring of your choosing, alongside a completed artwork. That special someone can unwrap their final piece and feel the sensation of the gifted ring, but still be a part of the journey when engraving is carried out at Rebus’ workshop on a later date.

This option can also be gifted with the full artwork service, so your giftee will have the final ring in their hands but be involved in the full creative consultation process, as they work together with our award-winning team of illustrators and hand engravers to create the bespoke design of their dreams.

To find out more about gifting a signet ring with Rebus, please email info@rebussignetrings.co.uk or book an appointment at our Hatton Garden workshop or via Zoom.