Like many people who dream of owning a signet ring, it wasn’t until Eric met his partner Dylan that he finally felt a need for one.  Having previously associated the signet ring with the passing down of symbolic heraldry from one generation to the next, and not descending from a family who keep such traditions, it was he and his partner’s shared love of the antiquated aesthetic that finally led them to Rebus’ door.

“It made sense to find something that not only represented our love but that aesthetic.” 

With a background in design, Eric set about creating a monogram that intertwined both their last initials, D & S, and choose the Latin translation “love beyond the veil of death  for an internal inscription.  For maximum impact, he would later commission an accompanying ring box with the same engraving from The Mrs. Box. 

While the couple had discussed that the monogram would adorn their engagement rings, the proposal was a surprise for Dylan who believed it was an event on the distant horizon.  Needless to say, he accepted, and the couple have since found their cherished Rebus signet rings are the source of constant compliments; two rings that to them symbolise their love, family, and history.