Those of you familiar with Emmet's moving story about the bespoke signet ring he commissioned for his Dad, might be familiar with the words "Not by words, but by ideas”. This Latin motto, “Non verbis, sed Rebus”, from which Rebus takes its name, was central to this design.

Returning once again to this timeless creed, Emmet has designed a personalised pendant from the Rebus collection - this time in honour of his Mum and late Grandmother - using those very same words. Bringing his bespoke vision to life, he created a piece that married together the exact materials, chain length, and design of his choosing.

The 18ct yellow gold pendant, which hangs on a 24 inch chain, features a seal engraved rose at its centre, surrounded by a band of red vitreous enamel. Either side of the flower, the Latin motto shines through on black vitreous enamel.

The rose and red enamel are especially significant, as they represent his Mother and Grandmother’s love for roses, with the design itself inspired by a stained glass window in Emmet’s Mum’s house.

The black enamel - a common motif to those familiar with Victoria memento mori jewellery - is a reflection on the loss of his grandmother, who has long since passed. Emmet himself no stranger to this style of jewellery, already wears a signet ring engraved with the Latin “Memento Vivere” or ”Remember to Live”.

If you are inspired by Emmet's beautiful pendant and his tribute to the important women in his life, you too can create your own personalised Rebus piece from our Pendant collection.

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