Everything begins with an idea, and the same is true of any piece of Rebus jewellery. Sometimes that idea comes to us fully-formed, but more often than not customers require the help of our award-winning team of artists and illustrators to coax it into life.

One such idea came to the Rebus workshop recently; a collection of inspirations one customer wanted represented on a personalised signet ring. Looking for a traditional design that include the initial T, and whose artwork would represent protection, shepherding, defence, and valour, the importance of family, and include a nod to their Greek heritage and Christian faith, our heraldic artist got to work.


The client wanted a Latin inscription that centred around ‘love, unity, and honour’, and our artist turned to Greece for inspiration. The Greek words that define love in Bible scripture, ‘Eros, Storge, Philia, and Agape’, became the basis for the Latin motto ‘IUNTI IN VNO’ which frames the design. It translates as ‘joined as one’.


Two lions - potent symbols of strength and heraldic tradition - represent each parent. These lions hold the shield and shore up the family values represented there.


The shield itself depicts two shepherd’s crooks flanked by interlinking annulets; the former symbolising the guidance of each parent, while the annulets represent their marriage.


Above each of the supporters, sit four stars underneath the sun. These celestial bodies symbolise each member of the family, while the sun itself represents life, light, faith, and God, as well as the family proper. Inside the sun, the initial T has been extended on the vertical to create a Christian cross and reinforce the message of faith.

From the outset, we are in dialogue with our clients to help them achieve their vision. We pair them with one of many Rebus artists based on the nature and style of the commission, and tier prices accordingly.

During consultation, we help customers choose the face size for their ring. If a client wishes to design a full Coat of Arms, we can elect for a larger face size (18x14mm) to include all elements, or opt for a smaller face size (11x9mm) and just engraving a small section or motif.

Once the artwork is finalised the ring then heads onto our workshop where a dedicated team of jewellers and hand engravers begin their work. The finished signet ring is then presented to the client at Rebus’ Hatton Garden premises, or shipped globally to their final destination, with hard copies of artworks provided upon request.

Do you have your own idea for a personalised piece, or simply don’t know where to begin? Start your own journey with Rebus and bring that idea - however big or small - to life. Simply email info@rebussignetrings.co.uk or book an appointment at our Hatton Garden workshop or via Zoom for your no-obligation introductory consultation.