For those looking to gift a personalised Rebus signet ring, our gift box enables your loved one to enjoy the full Rebus experience and create their dream ring; involving them every step of the way, from consultation through to design.

Big milestones require big gestures, and for Amy and her family, a gift box to celebrate her 30th birthday was the perfect choice. Her parents, wanting to present their daughter with something unique and meaningful that she would treasure forever, turned to Rebus.

A gift box was the promise of an exceptional keepsake; Amy would get to design her ring with the Rebus team of award-winning illustrators, artists, and designers, and still have something beautiful to open on her birthday.

Her gift box contained:

  • A beautiful Rebus guide explaining the history and meaning behind the signet ring, along with the options available to her.
  • A finger-sizing gauge to ensure the perfect fit.
  • A placeholder ring cast in bronze, allowing her to try on the sensation of her ring.
  • A personalised invitation to attend a one-on-one consultation, either at our Hatton Garden showroom or at her own convenience remotely.
  • A gift card with a personal birthday message.

Amy worked together with the team to bring her vision to life. Commemorating a trip to the US in celebration of her birthday, she choose a palm tree as the central motif, with three stars in the sky above symbolising the past three decades. To compliment her personalised signet ring, she opted for a matching keeper ring to wear alongside.

The Rebus gift box presented Amy with a gift of limitless possibility, enabling her to create an artisan-crafted piece imbued with truly personal meaning.

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