“I can’t tell you how many compliments we both get on our rings — and people love the story. A very cynical friend said that it’s the most romantic anniversary present she’s seen!”

25 years of marriage. A quarter of a century of love and commitment.

For Marnie and her husband, it made sense to celebrate this special milestone with the gift of something truly unique and special; an anniversary keepsake and heirloom.

Inspiration came from an evening watching The Crown, and the gift of a signet ring given to Princess Diana. Marnie set about researching where she could commission a pair of bespoke signet rings, and came across Rebus.

“I wanted each of us to have something that was our own — the same but different — and something that could be with us wherever we travelled, literally on our hands.”

The couple embarked upon a transatlantic design process between their home in California and the Rebus’ Hatton Garden workshop in London. Following a remote consultation, replica ring samples made in 3D printed resin were sent Stateside to convey the feel of the signets Rebus create.

From this 1-on-1 Zoom call, it was also decided that the engraving should reflect their love of the great outdoors. Marnie, a mountaineer often found in nature or on the trail, and her husband, a keen surfer, settled upon a mountain and breaking wave as the core design of their ‘family crest’.

On one shoulder, the rings featured the letter A - the initial of their surname and daughter’s first name - surrounded by Californian oak leaves symbolising wisdom, loyalty, and courage. The opposite shoulder would reflect their early lives together in Florida and Georgia, with the number 25 flanked by magnolia leaves of the South - symbolising fidelity and love. Both the inners were inscribed with the date of their wedding.

The two rings mirrored the other’s design closely, but because of the bespoke nature of the design process with Rebus, there was still scope for unique flourishes on each. Instead of engraved stars in the night sky, three diamonds were added to Marnie’s ring, to represent mother, father, and daughter, and following a late-stage trip to the UK and Rebus’ showroom, her husband opted for a fully-carved band.

“We received our rings just before our 26th anniversary celebration trip to New York and they are perfect!”

To begin your own bespoke journey with Rebus, please email info@rebussignetrings.co.uk  or book an appointment at our Hatton Garden workshop or via Zoom.